Movie review : Raees

Well this one had people waiting for quite some time now and finally it has arrived amidst intense scrutiny. Many of the recent bollywood projects have missed the mark and failed to have an impact; barring a few of course. At a time where one helplessly ends up comparing hollywood movies to the ones we make here at home, one has to step up their game and deliver something that resonates with the people.

Raees is such a story. A man driven by his quest and desire to be a successful man even if it means doing something illegal. However, he doesn’t let go of his ideals and the goodness of his heart keeps him on track. In a cat and mouse game with the police, bribing the right people at the right time yet making sure everyone knows what you are capable of; Raees finds himself running the show and demolishing the competition completely. However, things get tangled and Raees finds himself cornered and defeated when the entire world turns against him. It is in these difficult times that his morals and ethics rescue him and help him evade a crisis, even if it meant paying the ultimate price.

A good story line, sometimes vague and lacking direction but it picks up pace. Powerful acting by Shah Rukh who plays a rather different role than he has been playing for the past few years.

A movie worthy of being seen. Refreshing change from the useless crap that gets shovelled out of bollywood generally.


9 thoughts on “Movie review : Raees

  1. it was a good movie but i expected more from ” rahul dholokia” rahul pun intended movie could have focussed more on details and that would have created impact rather than trying to make an impact

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