Immigration ban

I knew early on that Donald Trump would be a popular candidate because of his theatrics. Although the media was quick to make jokes and write him off, he proved that he had what it takes to fight a campaign against a tough opponent and win. I mean Hilary Clinton was a clear winner and everyone must have been busy preparing Trump jokes a day before the actual results were declared. I had a feeling that on some level people were buying what he was saying and they wanted him to lead the way. Agreed that Obama had a popular tenure but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a successful one. In my opinion, all people want is a steady source of income and food on the table. Foreign diplomacy and attacking other countries in the name of peace is all well and good but in the end it is money that is drawn out from the taxpayers and spent elsewhere. Manufacturing moved elsewhere turning big cities and towns into empty jungles. It is understandable that the people were pretty upset and Trump knew that very well. He was smart and realised that the people need a change from mundane politics and promises and needed something dramatic and radical. Using fear as a weapon, he managed to edge out one opponent after another and won the presidency. I told many of my friends early on that Trump was going to win even when it was unthinkable. Yet here we are now.

It has been just over a week since the Trump era started and my god has he managed to shake the world. But i am not surprised by that at all. He is doing exactly what he has been talking about doing in his campaigns. The people voted for him, they knew what he was capable of, they decided that they wanted him in the driving seat. I don’t understand why they are surprised now after the decisions he has made and the executive orders he has issued. It’s like that time when people in UK were voting in the favour of Brexit but didn’t know what exactly would follow. There is a video that has surfaced covering all the things Trump has done within his first week in office and the list is pretty long and controversial. I won’t talk about all of them but i will talk about the one thing he has done to collectively upset a vast number of people. I am of course talking about the immigrant ban on 7 countries citing reasons of national security.

Now understand this. It is pretty plain and simple. The people voted and gave him the power to do pretty much anything. They knew all about him and the media had fired the warning shots well in advance but no one listened. He is now incharge of a country that has everyone’s attention. Everyone wants to be a part of the American dream and make it big. And yes, it is true. Many immigrants have made it big in the United States. It is a country built by immigrants. Trace back the pages of history and you’ll see that the native’s of this vast land looked nothing like the picture of Americans we have in our minds today. It has become like the go-to destination for professionals, entrepreneurs, students, artists and pretty much everyone. With the recent immigrant crisis happening followed by the sudden increase in the number of terrorist attacks in countries in Europe and middle east, it has become a tough call whether to provide shelter and asylum to these refugees while endangering the lives of your own people. The 7 countries mentioned in the ban have zero records of attacks/killings of American people on American soil. the list seems rather arbitrary.

I didn’t really care about this problem. It didn’t concern me, it didn’t affect me. I have no intentions of going to the United States for employment or otherwise and my country has not been named in those that have been banned. I did however came across a video of an American man or Iranian descent crying his eyes out at the airport. He said that they had fled their country many years ago and he was now a legal American citizen. He said he was a contractor and he worked hard building houses for the American people. However, his brother who had done nothing wrong was now being prevented from joining him in the United States following this ban. He correctly points out that the issues are between the governments of the two countries and that the individual people had not done anything wrong but were the ones who have to face the consequences of this order.

Now i few questions arise here. Why must America bear the burden of providing shelter and a fresh start to these people? Yes, they were born in a country which has been torn apart by war for decades followed by years of dictatorship. But is it America’s obligation to provide sanctuary? Doesn’t America have their own people and their own problems to deal with? Yes, speaking from a humanitarian point of view we must all take care of each other. But ideally we live in times where one has to make room for another person to join in. And that sometimes mean leaving someone else out in the cold. out of a job, left to deal with unemployment. So what must one do? The reasons he has cited are baseless in my opinion. Citing reasons of curbing terrorism and shutting doors in the process are questionable and the world has reacted to this.

The people can’t really complain now that they didn’t see it coming because this is all he has talked about in his campaigns. The immigration ban has met with strong criticism and objection from virtually everyone. In his theatrics, innocent people like the Iranian man at the airport get affected and separated from their families. There has to be a better way to serve the interests of the people and deal with issues of terrorism as well. Instead of shutting doors completely, if one was to carry out extensive background checks, interviews with relatives who are legal citizens of United States, plan of action while residing in the country, having them report to the local immigration office or the local police station every week or something to that effect then why not? It seems like a fairly smarter way to proceed. I am sure there are better ways of dealing with this situation. All we can do for now is revolt and make our voices heard. Hopefully this ban would not be permanent and the doors would reopen to those fleeing areas of conflict for a chance at a better life.

For now though, we wait…


13 thoughts on “Immigration ban

  1. I agree with your opinion. It is difficult to help everyone, yet I see it as our human task to do so. Isn’t having the power to help a less fortunate person out a privilege? Shutting the borders so “terrorists cannot enter” also means helpless people are refused refuge. It’s a sad world we live in today. Want to hear something even sadder? There’s at least ONE person who absolutely adores Trump and has applauded this decision. Want more sadness? That person is in the running to become my country’s new Prime Minister. Bye bye good world, it was nice as long as it lasted.

  2. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what the heathen Donald Trump is. If he had to put a ban, why not ban Mexico and other South American countries too? Countries which have purportedly been the kingpins behind drug trafficking and other illegal activities. But of course, they also make a vast portion of the underpaid workforce in the USA, and obviously banning them out of the country would be ‘apne pet pe laath marna’… I hope he’s impeached like Nixon. The world doesn’t need another dictator or Hitler.

    1. Again by doing so innocent people will be affected. And if you go by that logic then they can pretty much ban anyone. But what’s wrong with that? Imagine if you had a thousand people waiting at your door step as refugees. Should you take them all in? Knowing you will fear for your own life and the money you’ll have to spend. Does shutting your own door to them make you a bad person? Isn’t that what America is going through right now?

      1. I agree. That’s the same India goes through in case of Bangladeshis, Tibetans and Sri Lankans. But don’t ban people from a single religion. That’s like saying you’re against the religion itself. If terrorism is the reason then why didn’t he ban Saudi Arabia and Pakistan too? Economics, pure economics again

  3. Completely agree with you. Obama bombed middle east, no one protests. And he just bans and everyone gets out blaming this man. I hope he will definitely stop the bombings. Well write post. Kudos

  4. When you look at the results after the election, the only reason Trump is in power now, due to the system with delegates. So, I don’t think you can compare it with Brexit. Although the reason behind the votes of people for Trump, Brexit, Extreme-Right is the same, in my humble opinion: lack of education/informing yourself about what you are voting for or about to vote too ( already scared of the results in the Netherlands and France for instance, I hope what happened in the US wakes people up).
    I use to say: “You have to be healthy yourself first, before you can help another”. For a long time, I felt this could be applied to countries too. Throughout my life I always felt more a citizen of the Earth, then a Dutch girl/woman, or a European, and the older I get, the more I strongly feel, we have to take care of all our neighbors. Not just my direct neighbor, but also the one in Syria, Africa, USA, Malta….Sure, it will take longer to achieve goals as having jobs for every one, a safe home, access to health care, etc. Still, I really think we should do both; get healthier ourselves and help another one get up on his/her feet too…

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