Movie review : Jolly LLB 2

Everyone is well aware of the situation of the legal system in most countries. It is common knowledge that the rules are a tad different for the rich and the well connected. The common man in most cases has to settle and solve certain issues himself because he knows that the legal process is long and arduous. Not only that, it is expensive and drawn out. Some lack the patience, some like the willingness and some just lack faith in the system and understandably so. It is interesting how the law can be bent out of shape to protect clients who knowingly break the rules for personal gains, nepotism etc. Sad truth is that there probably will be no end to this menace but if you take every fight as an individual one and take it head on, then chances are that the law might just work in your favour.

Jolly LLB 2 deals with a similar situation. I won’t go too much into the details of the plot but the story is interesting with many twists and turns. It showcases clearly how difficult it is to distinguish between the truth and the lies and how difficult it is to prove which is which. Jolly, played by Akshay Kumar, must stand his ground and face adversity to win this legal battle against corrupt police officials and blow the lid off a massive cover up.

The story moves well with fluidity and the events are well connected. The actors have done well to keep the audience locked in, giving in mini doses of laughter in the middle. In the end it sends out a message too, one that is probably required to be heard.

An entertaining movie and worth seeing at least once.


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