Any ideas?

I see broken hearts all around me. I see wounded souls breathing, but barely living. I see conscience numbed with pain. I see the fear of falling in love and being vulnerable again. I see the skepticism. I see everything.

I’ve had tons of examples of such stories and instances with people around me. I too was once a part of this conglomerate. I sense an inertia, an unwillingness to reach out and stand out in the sun again. I see it everywhere. I feel it all round me.

These are wounds inflicted by people themselves to each other. And the brave wounded souls who do manage to get past the tunnel of darkness, emerge only a shrivelled version of themselves. Living in the safe comfort of isolation. Living untouched and under the shade.

But are you really living? Are you really happy? Yes, you’ve managed to find a shortcut to short term happiness through social media and like minded friends who stick around for now. But confusing this with something real is a mistake. It is an artificial hit of dopamine and it quickly turns into an addiction. Yes, being hurt sucks and it is a risk you take every time you make yourself willingly vulnerable. I have been at the receiving end of this so i know that very well. But, it is only when you rehabilitate yourself and build yourself again that you feel indestructible against the forces and the people of the world. If you decide to remain broken and refrain from any form of intimacy then you will forever be broken.

It is sad really. All i can do is hear them out and offer my support. I do understand how they feel and why they do what they do. I cannot rush them or force them to change their ways and snap out of this fear of relationships. I cannot even get through to them. It isnt in my nature to leave something unfixed and unattended but this time i dont really know how to go about fixing this mass epidemic that has seemed to infected everyone. I am sure that something needs to be done because this is far from ideal but i am not sure what exactly it is and how to go about it.

And ideas?


7 thoughts on “Any ideas?

  1. What I learned recently is that one can only offer their help to others, it’s up to them to take or leave it. Even on a larger scale, it’s impossible to help people who don’t want help.

    Having said that, the only things you can do is listen to people and give them your support. And if they are open for it, talk to them about how you built yourself up.

  2. Keep telling your neighbors on the globe, there is hope, it can be better, there are beautiful souls willingly to help, I think that’s all we can do. I agree with Samantha, if someone doesn’t want to be helped, then it is going to be though to do help.
    Leave the door open, sort of speak…When the person in need is ready, he/she at least knows, there is someone out there…

  3. Great initiative. If we make our presence worthy for anybody that he will able to keep his heart out and accept that help is the best thing we can do.
    Happy weekend. Will glad to have you at my site too

  4. Same here,I have the same thought,if I have30people in watsupp 28peoples life is like that ,they r totally broken,noone is happy,but we r just trying to find that lost happiness.

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