Life often tests you, punishes you, curses at you and pushes you to your breaking point. i say what else you got?

8 thoughts on “About

  1. it does, continuously testing trying us and those who say universe helps brings things together when you really want some thing..haven’t seen it all yet

    Glad to see you back Arjun. sending hugs n love your way.Tc 🙂

  2. Arjun, there is so much that pours from you, one that calls out “why?” and “not I”…standing against fear is taking a stand against the darkness-it also invites a battle that you must be prepared for. Know that you are both Servant and Soldier of God/ Will-to-Good, more powerful than any apparent chaos and evil that is witnessed in the world today. God is Sovereign and The Eternal outlasts All. We align with This Grace, and take position “higher on the mountaintop”…even as we live as mortals in the valley. Thus in Kingdom living we draw power, courage and strength for the journey and are able to affect change, not of our own power, but of a power greater than ourselves. This overcomes All.
    Grace to you, Linda

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