Movie review : Hidden Figures

I think we take our freedom for granted these days. We only hear about the hard times that existed earlier. We hear about the struggle, the uprising, the revolutions and we enjoy the benefits of the change brought by them. But we today cannot possibly imagine what life was like only a few decades ago. I’m of course talking about a time when racial profiling was backed by law and only the privileged had the right to the best facilities. And i being “privileged” i mean being a white man. Any other combination would bring the house down for you. In times like these three African-American women stood in the face of adversity and proved that the colour of their skin doesn’t not overshadow their brilliance.

The movie focuses on the hardships faced at work where even getting a cup of coffee or going to the bathroom can be a challenge. They highlight how difficult it was for women to get quality education, respect at work, equal pay and how things become just a little worse if the woman in question is an African-American.

Women everywhere must never forget how difficult times have been in the recent past and must not ever forget those who fought the system and brought about a change. There still are places on earth where women don’t get to enjoy the same benefits as their counterparts in neighbouring countries. While things have largely changed, there is still room for improvement.

An inspiring movie based on true events. Hidden Figures inspires you to believe in yourself and not accept things “the way they are”. A must watch for everyone.

Movie review : Jolly LLB 2

Everyone is well aware of the situation of the legal system in most countries. It is common knowledge that the rules are a tad different for the rich and the well connected. The common man in most cases has to settle and solve certain issues himself because he knows that the legal process is long and arduous. Not only that, it is expensive and drawn out. Some lack the patience, some like the willingness and some just lack faith in the system and understandably so. It is interesting how the law can be bent out of shape to protect clients who knowingly break the rules for personal gains, nepotism etc. Sad truth is that there probably will be no end to this menace but if you take every fight as an individual one and take it head on, then chances are that the law might just work in your favour.

Jolly LLB 2 deals with a similar situation. I won’t go too much into the details of the plot but the story is interesting with many twists and turns. It showcases clearly how difficult it is to distinguish between the truth and the lies and how difficult it is to prove which is which. Jolly, played by Akshay Kumar, must stand his ground and face adversity to win this legal battle against corrupt police officials and blow the lid off a massive cover up.

The story moves well with fluidity and the events are well connected. The actors have done well to keep the audience locked in, giving in mini doses of laughter in the middle. In the end it sends out a message too, one that is probably required to be heard.

An entertaining movie and worth seeing at least once.

Movie review : Raees

Well this one had people waiting for quite some time now and finally it has arrived amidst intense scrutiny. Many of the recent bollywood projects have missed the mark and failed to have an impact; barring a few of course. At a time where one helplessly ends up comparing hollywood movies to the ones we make here at home, one has to step up their game and deliver something that resonates with the people.

Raees is such a story. A man driven by his quest and desire to be a successful man even if it means doing something illegal. However, he doesn’t let go of his ideals and the goodness of his heart keeps him on track. In a cat and mouse game with the police, bribing the right people at the right time yet making sure everyone knows what you are capable of; Raees finds himself running the show and demolishing the competition completely. However, things get tangled and Raees finds himself cornered and defeated when the entire world turns against him. It is in these difficult times that his morals and ethics rescue him and help him evade a crisis, even if it meant paying the ultimate price.

A good story line, sometimes vague and lacking direction but it picks up pace. Powerful acting by Shah Rukh who plays a rather different role than he has been playing for the past few years.

A movie worthy of being seen. Refreshing change from the useless crap that gets shovelled out of bollywood generally.

Movie review : The Founder

This one casts a bright shining light on the blissful ignorance we live in. One of the most famous brands of the world “McDonald’s” has a dark dark history and i had no idea about it. The brand that boasts about feeding 1% of the world’s population on a daily basis is the product of a hostile takeover and the slimy deeds of a person long forgotten. Makes you really wonder if there is any good left in the world at all. Even a family restaurant serving happy meals has blood on its hands.

The movie albeit being slow covered all facts deemed necessary to showcase this biopic and i am glad it did if I’m being perfectly candid. The movie otherwise had a good cast selection, good direction, a well written screen play and above all else good acting. I am just sad that this really happened. That two brothers in a small place in California started off with a noble idea of providing fast and efficient service to people but they were conned. It more of a daylight robbery than a con to be honest.

It’s nice in a way to be shown the facts. Makes you realise that the world is far from being a perfect place and you have to be a ruthless slime to move ahead in the world. I recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been to a McDonald’s. As fas as I’m concerned, i won’t be going to one ever again in my life.

Movie review : Bad Moms (2016)

Cast : Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate. 

I went in expecting the worst from this movie. Because there are now tons in this genre and most of them take a chance with a weak script and dodgy direction. Surprisingly though, even with a simple plot this movie ended up being a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. It takes a deep look into the life of a modern working mother who has to juggle work, taking care of kids, putting food on the table etc while everyone else slacks off and leave no room for error. Much like in real life if I’m being perfectly candid. 

A lazy Sunday afternoon movie which is fun and there isn’t a dull moment anywhere. I mean there’s always something happening and there is a bit of a direction in the story line. You do end up sympathising with Mila and understand her need to get away from the madness that is a permanent entity in her life. 

And somewhere in the middle there’s a very important message hidden. You’ll know what I’m taking about after you see the movie. And you must watch it definitely. Or wait for it to come on your local cable network. But do watch it. It sure is fun. 

Special mention about Mila Kunis and how she’s has drastically improved her acting and her presence on screen. She was a total delight to watch and stole the show with the help of her friends in the cast. 

My rating : 7/10. 

Movie review : SUICIDE SQUAD (2016)

Starring : Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne

There are some movies that make normal life seem extraordinary afterwards. They take you to a higher plane and leave you with a sense of excitement and an adrenaline high that last for days. After waiting for almost a year, avoiding rumours and leaks and trailers and everything else linked to the movie i am extremely excited to say that Suicide Squad has lived up to its hype.

I was almost worried if expected too much and you know how expectations always let you down. But this is far from it. I will not be adding any spoilers here or anything that reveals the story or the characters. Because i hate it when people do that. I would rather find out about it myself and as should you.

The action is insane, the characters and their backstory is insane, the chemistry between the star studded cast is insane and the overall feel of the movie is insane. I almost feel bad that it had to end. I wanted it to go on and on and on. Thankfully there is a sequel and it will blend in with the Justice League series that DC are planning to do. Which is about the right time because i am frankly sick of all the crap MARVEL has been shovelling.

You have to watch this movie and i suggest an IMAX quality if you have one near your home. I just have no words. I don’t know why the reviews this movie has been getting are lukewarm. I mean there were a few weak areas in the movie which could have been better. The dialogues for instance, at some places felt rather weak or misplaced. But they more than make up for it soon enough.

Will Smith as the lead character again gives us no holds barred grit and glory with his presence. I have never doubted him as an actor and his presence and charisma on screen is undeniable.

A special mention to Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I mean where do i even begin. I think she owned the role just like Heath Ledger owned the Joker all those years ago, It may eventually become a cult classic and she will be remembered for her role. It was a bit dodgy at first and i felt that this may have been a questionable casting choice but she completely brings it home.

Jared Leto as the joker is different but equally haunting and convincing. It is best not to draw conclusions to the earlier versions of the Joker and see him in his own style.

Overall, a thrilling experience and i can’t remember the last time a movie had this effect on me. An unbelievable event. All that time spent waiting for a movie and avoiding trailers paid off. You will know what i am talking about when you see it.

Rating : 9.5/10.

Go watch it now!!

Movie review : The legend of Tarzan (2016)

I would like to believe that a lot of work, time and effort goes into making s movie. That too one that sort of promised a lot by being an adaptation of a famous comic book character. The trailers seemed to be action packed and intense but I’m afraid maybe one would be better off by just seeing the trailer and staying away from the movie as a whole. 

I don’t know what it is but the movie never really gained momentum for me. The story felt haphazard and I found myself trying to connect the dots as the movie continued. Things were just sort of happening on screen without a real necessity or planning. I know our expectations as viewers have shot up in this time and age thanks to great directors and great scripts but this one fails on all counts. 

Alexander Skarsgård for me, wasn’t the right choice. He maintains just one expression throughout the movie and frankly I expected more.Margot Robbie however continues to impress as she slowly matures into Hollywood and becomes a well known face. The direction too lacked finesse for me, the screenplay could be better, the CGI was repetitive and often unnecessary. And I cannot for the life of me understand why Samuel L. Jackson agreed to do such a pointless role with such clichéd dialogues. It was wrong on all fronts in my book. 

I found myself struggling to stay awake. But that’s the thing, I didn’t feel that the movie was doing hard enough to change my opinion. And I am an avid movie goer. I watch pretty much anything and everything. But this one surely adds to my list of the top 5 worst movies I have ever seen. Unquestionably. 

So to summarise, this movie is completely avoidable. Don’t even watch it when it comes on your local TV network for free. You’ll just waste your time.