Product review : Bose Quiet comfort 35 headphones 

My intention that day was just to kill time at the Bose store and see what the latest in acoustic perfection is. I already own the sound link mini speakers and Bose earphones as well. I had previously owned Quiet comfort 15 headphones but I offloaded them. 

I picked up the sound link headphones which were reasonably priced. A price that I would consider and expect for Bose headphones. The quality was good but I wasn’t quite impressed. The lady behind the counter then suggested that I try the quiet comfort 35 model instead. And that’s when everything changed. 

I switched on the Bluetooth on my phone and the headphones synced seamlessly. The ear cushions were as soft as a baby’s cheeks and I was rather impressed by how light they were compared to the appearance. They sat perfectly on my head and engulfed my ears and the noise cancellation drowned everything else out. I felt immediately that this was something else. I picked one song after the other. Focussing sometimes on the voice clarity, other times I focused on the bass and then there were times I tested out the quality of the noise cancellation. 

Now I am a hard man to please. There is very little in this world that will make me stop what I’m doing and pay attention. By the end of my tests I stood there defeated by this engineering marvel and broke out a smile. I was lost for words and I knew there was no way I would be able to sleep at night if I didn’t pick them up immediately. And I did. Even though the asking price was huge. 

Okay, enough stories. Now to the serious stuff. 

This is the latest top of the range model by Bose. I believe Bose have been listening to the criticism that people have thrown their way for the previous quiet comfort headphones. And I am happy to say they have addressed all of them in one monster creation. 

1. The old models required a AAA battery to be added for noise cancellation. The new ones have an inbuilt battery. Problem solved.

2. The older versions had a rather poor stitching for the ear cushions and they would tear up exposing the foam inside. The new design is much more rugged and chances of tearing are less..

3. Jumbled wires make a huge mess always no matter where they belong. The new headphones are wireless and sync via Bluetooth. But, they were smart enough to add an option of adding a cable as well to use them as normal headphones. And I am glad to say that the cable comes included in the kit. Thanks for that Bose. 

4. The old versions were rather flimsy and I was always worried that I would break them if they fell or I sat on them. But this one is well built and feels rugged. The case it comes in now also feels fantastic and looks brilliant. 

I felt that all my complaints were answered by this one product. And needless to say, there is only one way to listen to music, and that is by using Bose products. And this one is so far into the space age that I cannot believe. 

It’s a proud moment really. This is the pinnacle of acoustics. Like we have HD videos, this is the equivalent in terms of sound. I feel like I should take a moment and sit quietly in a room and listen to nothing but silence as the noise cancellation drowns out the rest of the world for me and I’m left with nothing but wave after wave of comforting silence. And when I plan to turn it up, it does that for me too. These aren’t just headphones. I wouldn’t categorise them as such. I would call them companions. Because each journey is just a little bit more exciting with a companion. And I wouldn’t dream of taking one without these. No sir!  

Product rating : 10/10. 

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones. Nothing better exists.